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General Description

Palm oil is extracted from the mesocarp of the fruit of an oil palm species called Elaeis guineensis. There are several high yielding species in Ghana out of which several benefits including palm oil are derived. Basically, there are two main products of the palm oil industry, though– palm oil and palm kernel oil. Out of these, many products could be derived.

Properties of Palm Oil

Palm oil has a balanced fatty acid composition in which the level of saturated fatty acids is almost equal to that of the unsaturated fatty acids. Palmitic acid (44%-45%) and oleic acid (39%-40%) are the major component acids, with linoleic acid (10%-11%) and only a trace amount of linolenic acid. The low level of linoleic acid and the virtual absence of linolenic acid make the oil relatively stable to oxidative deterioration.




Palm Fruits at a Glance